Alias and local delivery issues

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Alias and local delivery issues

Randall R. Sargent



I have an alias system that I need to deliver some mail via relay, and some locally for PAM accounts. The local PAM accounts are not in the aliases file and their mail is delivered successfully via dovecot-lda (mailbox_command = /usr/libexec/dovecot/dovecot-lda -f "$SENDER" -a "$RECIPIENT").



The problem is when I have an alias that doesn’t refer to a canonical address immediately and Postfix assumes it must be a local account:


Billadmin:            bill.smith

William:                bill.smith



Bill.smith:            [hidden email]



If I send an email to [hidden email] it works. If I send an email to [hidden email] or [hidden email] the error I get is “bad recipient address syntax: bill.smith@/etc/mailname”




Thanks in advance!