Alter virtual domains MySQL table to insert relay host for some domains

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Alter virtual domains MySQL table to insert relay host for some domains

Pau Peris
Hi all,
I'm running a personal Postfix mail server together with Courier for a
virtual domain setup.

By now I have a domains table with a single transport field which is
used by transport_maps directive in order to know if incoming emails
must be delivered locally or need to be sent to the next hop. The
thing is I would like to be able to receive email for domain, as i've been doing so far, but I also would like to be
able to relay the outgoing emails for to another domain
like So, after reading the transport [1]
documentation I'm a bit confused.

As I understand I would need to create a new field in the domains
table called relay_transport and edit the $transport_maps MySQL query.
If I understand it correctly, $transport_maps query's result should be
the same as now but for those domains using an external relay the
result should be something like, is it
right? Also, I just wanted to ask:
1. Is there any misunderstanding in the previous logic?
2. Is $transport_maps MySQL query used in other postfix workflow that
I may missed? I do not want to make changes before understanding their
3. If I would have to add a user and a password for authenticating to
the relay, which settings should I take into account?

Thanks for your help,


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