Another postfix service ? Injection of original message

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Another postfix service ? Injection of original message


I'm using postfix on RHEL and looking to accomplish the following :

We have a postfix instance running were traffic from another smtp server ( smtp server A ) is being handled
Postfix now does simple header_checks and reroutes to several other smtp servers, via sender based routing.
I believe in this is the 'smtpd ' one. This works fine.

Additionally I would like a 2nd listener ( not an extra instance ) who will receive the mails from smtp server A and do some extra header_Checks and then re-inject
that mail in the standard smtpd MTA ( smtpd ) , who will perform the original header_checks that we do now.
Why ? Because I cannot combine all the header checks I want the do in one single header_checks file

I'm not a rocket scientist who fully understands the etc

Anyone who could assist me ?

Tx R