Before I actually type 'make upgrade"....

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Before I actually type 'make upgrade"....

I have a clean compile of 3.4, and have various directories set, based on /usr/local generally.

These are the same as the existing installation that is running fine. V3.1

       config_directory=/usr/local/etc/postfix \
       command_directory=/usr/local/sbin \
       daemon_directory=/usr/local/libexec/postfix \
       queue_directory=/var/spool/postfix \
       data_directory=/var/lib/postfix \
       html_directory=/usr/share/doc/postfix/html \
       manpage_directory=/usr/local/man \
       readme_directory=/usr/share/doc/postfix \
       mailq_path=/usr/local/bin/mailq \
       newaliases_path=/usr/local/bin/newaliases \
       sendmail_path=/usr/local/sbin/sendmail \

What I want to know is, will ‘make upgrade’ overwrite any of the .cf files. The configuration files? or will it leave the existing files in place?

The INSTALL fine in the sources directory isn’t clear on this.