Cyrus SASL with httpform

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Cyrus SASL with httpform

Jaco Lesch
Hello there

Anybody out there have had any success with httpform authentication
using Cyrus SASL? I am able to compile Cyrus SASL with the following
saslauthd 2.1.26
authentication mechanisms: getpwent pam rimap shadow httpform

And to link the SASL libraries to Postfix, but how to get the HTTP
authentication bit to work with saslauthd is the head scratcher.

Any help, or pointers will be appreciated.


Jaco Lesch
Email: [hidden email]

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Re: Cyrus SASL with httpform

Rick van Rein
Hi Jaco,

Although this is not exactly what you are asking, but we're working on
HTTP SASL authentication, so one level below the HTML forms that you are
talking about.

There is an early Docker Demo with a plugin to add SASL to FireFox,
based on the recently standardised notion of Native Messaging,

Maybe that is (a direction for) a solution.  HTML forms are not likely
to support the any-number-of-back-and-forths that SASL requires, in general.