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Delivered-To Backscatter

Jonas Wielicki
Hi list,

I’m sorry that this question has been discussed before. I am aware of
the following posts and threads:
   (Backscatter from Delivered-To headers)
   (Preventing backscatter with forwarding)

I cannot quite follow the second one, because in the archives, the mail
adresses are missing and I fail to guess the correct interaction of
alias and virtual in that case and cannot judge whether that is at all
relevant to my case.

I’m currently aiming for a simple solution, although the last solution
from the first thread (using different header filters for incoming and
outgoing and salt the Delivered-To headers) really tickes my nerd
interest, I would like to rather see this fixed soon. Not to mention
that I have no idea how to properly set up different cleanups for
incoming and outgoing.

Considering that these threads are now several years old, I wonder
whether there are new solutions to this problem?

Is there a way to force bounces from Mail Forwarding Loops to go to a
different address than the sender address or some other solution to
prevent this backscatter?

best regards,