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Dirk Moolman-2
>-----Original Message-----
>From: [hidden email]
[mailto:[hidden email]] On Behalf Of mouss
>Sent: 08 May 2008 05:09 PM
>Cc: [hidden email]
>Subject: Re:
>Dirk Moolman wrote:
>> Sorry for the tests - my 1st test mail went through (with no body),

>> my other e-mails were all rejected - doing some troubleshooting
>> [Previous body - with modifications, removing special chars]
>> Error:  five five zero   "unable to relay"
>> My mail seem to be rejecting - let's try  without the full error
>> message, will supply the core of it.
>> I have to Linux servers at a client.  They are set up exactly the

>> but on the 1 the mail goes through (external), and on the other one I
>> get the error below (error now removed from body).
>> Is there something in my
>> config that I can do to let the mail go through, or must the admin of
>> the relay server set up a rule to allow me to send mail through his
>> relay server ?
>PS. and please chose a better subject. Many people skip messages with a
>subject of "testing" and "test*". such messages even get their sender
>and if you can remove the disclaimer (or at least make it shorter),
>would be wonderful ;-p

My apologies, I am new to the list (subscribed today), and already got
unsubsribed from the list for the test mails I sent.   I had to
troubleshoot why my other mails would not go through - it was something
in the body that prevented them from going to the list, so I started
removing text from the body to try and see what was causing this.   I
removed all the special characters (slaches, etc.), and then the test
went through.   I will forward a new mail for the problem I have.

My apologies again.


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