How to disable deliver to DNS A record?

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How to disable deliver to DNS A record?

Carlos Velasco-2

I was looking at postfix log in my server when I realized that some
mails were being delivered to another SMTP server inside my network.

The problem is that I server mails for domain:

This domain has dynamic update DNS so, several machines register
themselves with DNS and create DNS registers, like:

Then, if I send an email to, by example, [hidden email],
postfix try to send mail to through SMTP.

Postfix makes MX lookup to find mailserver, but no
record is returned as it doesn't exist. But then postfix makes an A
record lookup and finds the DDNS record.

I thought I had this disabled, I have in postconf:
ignore_mx_lookup_error = no

But it seems not to work as I supposed.

Any way to disable postfix A record lookup when MX lookup fails?

Carlos Velasco