IPv6 notation format in smtp_bind_address6

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IPv6 notation format in smtp_bind_address6

Stefan Sticht
Dear postfix developers,

it took me some time to find out why my postfix 3.1.0 installation reports "unknown mail transport error” sometimes.

4433:Mar 21 00:07:12 pb3 postfix-mx20/error[18582]: A81D120009: to=<[hidden email]>, relay=none, delay=1, delays=0.01/1/0/0.01, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (unknown mail transport error)

With -v enabled I found this problem:

Mar 21 00:22:41 pb3 postfix-mx20/smtp[22370]: fatal: smtp_connect_addr: bad smtp_bind_address6 parameter: [2a00:aa00:0:4::14]: Name or service not known

smtp_bind_address6 = 2a00:aa00:0:4::14
inet_interfaces = [2a00:aa00:0:4::14]

Initially I wrote the smtp_bind_address6 IPv6 address with surrounding [] brackets, same as in inet_interfaces.
This notation is obviously not understood in smtp_bind_address6.

smtp_bind_address6 (default: empty)

An optional numerical network address that the Postfix SMTP client should bind to when making an IPv6 connection.


Note 2: address information may be enclosed inside [], but this form is not recommended here.

So note 2 seems not to be working in 3.1.0.


Stefan Sticht

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