Postfix Gateway to multiple internal server

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Postfix Gateway to multiple internal server

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I am wondering if it is possible to have postfix relay server send a mail (multiple domain) to multiple server.
Right now i have only one internal server where my postfix relay mail to for all my hosted multiple domain.
What i want is more like having multiple server receive the same email for all my domains.

Right now i am using rsync to sync mailboxes between the two internal server for all my customer but it seems not work well for some reason or the other .

But i want it is it can be taken care by postfix itself.

Hope you here you soon.


Currently i have this
                                                     TRANSPORT          RSYNC
Incoming Email ----> MX1 (gateway ) ------------> pop3 ---------> second pop3 server

Proposed Setup
                                                      -------------> pop3
Incoming Email ------> MX1 (gateway)
                                                      -------------> second pop3 server

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks you in advance.