Processing $myhostname within an LDAP query

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Processing $myhostname within an LDAP query

Graham Leggett
Hi all,

For some time I have been successfully running a postfix install backed
with LDAP, and this query works great:

ldapvirtual_query_filter =

I have recently installed postfix v2.5.1 (as provided by FC9), and went
through the config to move the LDAP settings into individual files for
the new configuration, so the query now looks like this:

query_filter =

This didn't work.

Some digging revealed that the string $myhostname was being passed
literally back to the LDAP server, instead of being parsed and turned
into the machine name as before.

Using postconf, I can confirm that the $myhostname does exist:

myhostname = xx.xx.xx

Has anyone else found this problem before?


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