Proposed Postfix license change from IPL 1.0 to EPL 2.0

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Proposed Postfix license change from IPL 1.0 to EPL 2.0

Wietse Venema
If you are vendor who distributes Postfix, please pass this email to
your legal counsel and let me know OFF LIST if the proposed licence
change would be a problem. License details are at the end of this message.

As of 1999, Postfix is distributed under the IBM public license (IPL)
version 1.0. A lot has happened in the time since that text was written.

Recently, a customer of a Linux vendor asked if the Postfix licence
could be changed to the Eclipse Public License (EPL), because, and I
quote the vendor, "EPL is generally a more 'open' open source license,
as it doesn't contain references/attributions to IBM, as the IPL does."

The distributor reached out to IBM, and the IBM lawer agreed that it
would be OK to change Postfix the license to IPL to EPL. I exchanged
email with IBM's lawyer, who suggested EPL 2.0 as the best license
(the lawyer is one of the co-authors of that text).

On request by the Linux vendor the license change would take effect
beginning with Postfix version 3.2, the current stable release.

License details:

The IPL 1.0 license is bundled with Postfix source and binaries.
This looks similar to the text at,
but I have not verified that the two texts are in fact identical.

The EPL 2.0 license can be found at