Questions about mailing list managers in VIRTUAL_README

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Questions about mailing list managers in VIRTUAL_README

J Doe

I have a question about the “Mailing List” section in the VIRTUAL_README [1].

The third paragraph states:

    “This example assumes that in, $myorigin is listed under the
    mydestination parameter setting...”

Because the mailing list is being set up with virtual hosting, doesn’t this cause problems ?  I note that the three previous virtual hosting examples on the same page state:

    “NEVER list a virtual_alias_domain name as a mydestination domain!”

Secondly, the third paragraph continues:

    “If that is not the case [you don’t have myorigin set to $mydestination], specify
    an explicit domain name on the right-hand side of the virtual alias table entries...”

Does that mean that virtual from the example should be:

        [hidden email]    [hidden email]
        [hidden email]    [hidden email]
        [hidden email].   [hidden email]


- J