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Re: [PATCH] Handle unreachable host in address verification as 200

Wietse Venema
Since people keep asking for this, I implemented the following
user interface.


Incompatibility with snapshot 20080428

Postfix SMTP server replies for address verification have changed.
unverified_recipient_reject_code and unverified_sender_reject_code
now handle "5XX" rejects only. The "4XX" rejects are now controlled
with unverified_sender_defer_code and unverified_recipient_defer_code.

Major changes with snapshot 20080428

Finer control over the way that Postfix reports address verification
failures are reported to remote SMTP clients.

- unverified_sender/recipient_defer_code: the numerical Postfix
  SMTP server reply code when address verification failed due
  to some temporary error.

- unverified_sender/recipient_reject_reason: fixed text that Postfix
  will send to the remote SMTP client, instead of sending actual
  address verification details.