Strange behavior on virtual_alias

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Strange behavior on virtual_alias

Davide Gmail
Hi, my problem is this:

i have in my postfix (ver. 2.11.3 installed on a debian stable box)  
installation placed in front of a dovecot server a virtual_alias_map
like this

local_recipient_maps = $virtual_alias_maps
virtual_mailbox_domains =,
virtual_alias_maps = mysql:/etc/postfix/

if i query the "map" with below command

postmap -q <alias_name> mysql:/etc/postfix/

i receive the correct composition of the virtual-alias but in some cases
dovecot pass the alias to the lmtp service installed on dovecot (in this
case delivery faile with 5.5.0 error)

in other cases with virtual_alias retrived from map all go smoothly.

i dont know why this happens only for some aliases and not for all.

Thanks in advance for helping me.