Who can test Postfix BURL support?

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Who can test Postfix BURL support?

Wietse Venema
I'm looking for someone who can test Postfix BURL support.

(With BURL a client can ask the SMTP server to include a message
that sits on an IMAP server; for example, to send a saved draft
message, or to forward an existing message, without having to
download it first and then upload it).

I looked over the RFCs and over the code that Apple donated in 2011,
where they tried to minimize changes to the SMTP protocol handler.
The code was not incorrect, just a little awkward, and it was a
limited implementation that supported only one chunk.

Adding BURL support should be much easier because it can reuse the
CHUNKING support that I added last August. With BURL, Postfix will
receive chunks of email from an IMAP server, and these chunks may
be combined with chunks received from the SMTP client. I can still
use Apple's code that talks to an IMAP server. That code looks fine.

Unfortunately I have no client that speaks BURL, which complicates

So if anyone has the means to test BURL plesse let me know and I'll
try to drop in BURL support in a week or so.