always_bcc and default_destination_concurrency_limit

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always_bcc and default_destination_concurrency_limit

Alex Regan

I'm trying to use postfix-3.5.7 to throttle email to freemail domains
like gmail and yahoo, but having some problems. I'm able to throttle
it for users, but not for domains that use google as their
MX because the recipient is not, for example.

For this reason, I thought I could just generally throttle the default
delivery, and create another delivery agent that increases concurrency
for domains I know to be able to manage what is normally the default.
Hopefully that makes sense.

The problem is that I'm using always_bcc to deliver a copy of each
email locally, and by modifying the default delivery agent:

default_destination_concurrency_limit = 4
default_destination_rate_delay = 6s
default_extra_recipient_limit = 10

This results in emails to my always_bcc user sitting in the active
queue for an excessive period. I tried to explicitly define this
recipient to be processed by the local delivery agent, but that didn't

/mail-archive\$/ local:

gmail_initial_destination_concurrency = 1
gmail_destination_concurrency_limit = 4
gmail_destination_recipient_limit = 15

gmail  unix - - n - - smtp
        -o syslog_name=postfix-gmail
        -o smtp_connect_timeout=$gmail_connect_timeout
        -o smtp_connection_cache_on_demand=$gmail_connection_cache_on_demand