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Tomas Macek-2
Hi, we are using Postfix 2.4.1 on our mailserver acting as gateway for
  thousands of clients. Some clients have virus infected computer and
this sends thousands of mails to our Postfix. We have our own solution
in smtpd_client_restrictions directive, but it's the same what anvil
already does for me I think - it's a protection agains a dos attacks
and the flood of mails from infected client is for us always such a
small dos attack...

If anvil knows, that some client sends too many messages. Am I able to
do some action based on this knowledge? If no, I'm missing this
feature. Yes, I can continue using our own solution, but it would be
nice to have.

The action could be a letting know about it to other program called
with parameters or somehow passed informations. Is it possible?

Reading google and anvil's man did not help me.

Thanks, Tomas