ask for advice about mail system structure design

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ask for advice about mail system structure design

my leader give me 2 hp servers, and one have connect a scsi storage, prepare
design our postfix mail system for branch office.
but our headquarters(core company) not allowe us dericet connect
internet,(our branch office) must through vpn connet barracuda of our
headquarters, then exchanged the foreign mails
I think it's not problem,but qustion is my design,anti-virus&spam is unnecessary consider? i think the
barracuda (smtp gw) already done very well, but still not sure about that...

2.someone can give me advice how to make use of  2 servers resources,
postfix ,dovecot, web access, mysql etc distributed architecture

before  i only builder a simple mail system in my own pc, i hope get more
experience form here

thanks for your attention

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