configuration for postfix when using dovecot/lmtp + ldap

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configuration for postfix when using dovecot/lmtp + ldap

Felix Rubio
Hi everybody,

I have a postfix server that is serving two domains, a main domain
( and a hosted domain (, that is using dovecot
for authentication and lmtp. I have set up an openldap to be used as a
backend for the managed identities. Currently, all
addresses are aliases to a address.

This works as expected, but the configuration I have in place is a bit
different from those I have found around on the internet, and I hoped
somebody from the list could advise if what I have in place makes sense
or not. Can you guys give it a look?

In I have:
     virtual_alias_domains =
     virtual_mailbox_domains =
     virtual_mailbox_maps = ldap:/etc/postfix/virtual/
     virtual_alias_maps = ldap:/etc/postfix/virtual/,

in, I have:
     query_filter =
     result_attribute = mail

in, I have:
     query_filter =
     result_attribute = mail

The reason for me questioning this setup, although seems to work, is
that I have virtual_alias_domains empty, while I have set
virtual_mailbox_domains with all the domains being served. This is
different from every setup I have seen: in virtual_alias_domains I have
always seen an ldap lookup for the incoming mail domain in the mail and
mailacceptinggeneralid attributes of the ldap records and in
virtual_mailbox_domains only the main domain (, but I set
the first up I get 'user unknown in virtual user table' errors and if I
do not set the second I get 'relay not allowed' errors.

Can somebody give me some advice on whether this is a correct set-up/how
to get it fixed?

Thank you!

Felix Rubio
"Don't believe what you're told. Double check."