migrating mail server: force oldsrvr to newsrvr

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migrating mail server: force oldsrvr to newsrvr

I'm in the process of migrating old server postfix 2.x to new server 3.x

new server uses almost identical postfix/dovecot/mysql virtual
domains/users configuration, so currently, both servers are set up for
aaa.tld, bbb.tld, ccc.tld

I've edited MX for aaa, aaa's email start arriving at new server (and,
some at old server), after couple days, it's all good, some emails on old

to do this properly, when I edit MX of bbb (old to new server), I should
tell old server to relay? forward ? any email for bbb to new server

this is where I get lost, in terminology, understanding, execution...

what do I need to set on old server so all email for virtual domain/users
if still arrives on old server gets relayed/forwarded to new MX/new server