mydestination question (local delivery for all subdomains of $mydomain)

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mydestination question (local delivery for all subdomains of $mydomain)

Rich Wales
Hi.  I want all mail addressed to any host under my local domain
( to be delivered locally on my mail server.

That is, I want to process mail for [hidden email],
[hidden email], [hidden email], etc., for local
delivery.  I'm not really picky about validating subdomains, btw -- I'm
willing to accept [hidden email] regardless of whether or not I
actually have a host named "xyz" in my network.

Is it sufficient for me to include $mydomain in my mydestination value,
in order to match all subdomains?  Or do I need to list the name of each
and every individual host in mydestination?

And if I do need to list each individual host in mydestination, can I
use some sort of table with a wildcard to match any and all possible

I've read the description for mydestination in postconf(5), but if the
answer to my question is there, I'm afraid I'm misunderstanding the
documentation and am missing the answer.

Rich Wales
[hidden email]