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David Mehler

I hope this isn't to off topic, but hopefully someone will have more
information on this than I do.

I've got a postfix with virtual mail users system going. I'm needing
to tighten my antispam setup.I'm wanting to integrate p0f in to my
system, and am hoping there's a milter out there that will do it. My
goal is I've got postfix going on port 25 for incoming connections, so
I'm wanting the milter to passively scan that port and only if a
client makes a successful connection, i.e. is able to deliver mail,
p0f kicks off and scans the tcp/ip connection. As an example if it
comes from a windows xp machine then a p0f header is placed in to that
message with a spam probability value. Further down the line my rspamd
looks for that header, finds it, reads the value, and since it's a
high number from xp it immediately takes spam actions.

If anyone has this working with a milter for postfix either shell,
perl, python, or something similar i'd appreciate knowing it.