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Fazzina, Angelo

Hi, I am trying to simulate a DKIM failure and have not been able to figure out how.


Goal: test my “report” TXT record actually works.  Talking about RFC 6651


I was hoping that with postfix and opendkim running and signing emails I could just turn opendkim off and send an email through and get it to fail, but instead the headers have



I was expecting “fail”


This is a test server so I can beak stuff. Should I just change the public key in the DNS of the key TXT record so it is wrong and send another email through and see what I get ?


Thanks to anyone that knows how to test this stuff. The dkim mailing list seems to be a ghost town.

Was using this link to come up with ideas for a testing plan. https://bobcares.com/blog/dkim-result-fail-bad-signature/




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